Hello! I'm glad you stopped by. In this place you can find the lyrics of my life, the words that are left unspoken but said in a song. The things I'd never say but sing. Welcome and enjoy.
Celebrate Music! =)

"I’m always dragging that horse around"

Monster by Imagine Dragons

"If I told you what I was, Would you turn your back on me? And if I seem dangerous, Would you be scared?”

Title: Habits
Artist: Tove Lo
Album: Single
129 plays

Habits by Tove Lo

"High all my life to forget I’m missing you"

Title: I'm Not Yours
Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

159 plays

I’m Not Yours by Angus & Julia Stone

"And I can think of a thousands reasons why I don’t believe in you and I"

Title: Touch
Artist: Daughter
Album: If You Leave
1,069 plays

Touch by Daughter 

"I can’t stand to be so dead behind the eyes"


Title: Kids (feat. Soso)
Artist: Style Of Eye
Album: Single
69 plays

Kids by Style of eye feat. Soso

"I’m wondering what is up with kids nowadays You’re all so deep, unique and interesting Suffering poets with a fashion sense Free hand tattoo with a misspelled name Everyone’s special the exact same way You live your life on a Facebook page"

Title: Manhattan
Artist: Sara Bareilles
Album: The Blessed Unrest
319 plays

Manhattan by Sara Bareilles 

"And I’ll bow out of place, to save you some space for somebody new.”

Title: The Mother We Share
Artist: Chvrches
Album: The Bones Of What You Believe
179 plays

The Mother We Share by Chvrches

"And the mother we share will never keep our cold hearts from calling"

Title: Team
Artist: Lorde
Album: Pure Heroine
2,701 plays

"Living in ruins, of the palace within my dreams"

Title: Before The Worst
Artist: The Script
Album: The Script
409 plays

"There was a time, that we’d stay up all night

Best friends, yeah, talking ‘til the daylight

Took the joys alongside the pain
With not much to lose but so much to gain”